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  2400 Clubside Court, Palm Harbor, Florida 34683

  +1 866-342-9404



2400 Clubside Court, Palm Harbor, Florida 34683

+1 866-342-9404

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Apr, 04 2020
I would give this place less than 1 star if I could. The cost of monthly rent is not worth what you get. The appliances are extremely out dated. The kitchen and bathroom floors are disgusting and need to be replaced. I have been dealing with cockroaches in my bathroom and bathtub for MONTHS. The pest control has been here multiple times and I'm not sure what they are doing but nothing has helped. My first 2 weeks of living here, I had to deal with a creepy/stalker neighbor. A 60+ year old neighbor thought it was okay to write a 3 page letter and leave it at my door. The letter stated that he had been looking for me and watching for my car to see when I would be home so that he could cook me dinner and take me out. I was EXTREMELY disturbed and creeped out. I gave the 3 page letter to the leasing office and waited for a call from the property manager - Barbara. I finally received a call from her, several days later. She had the nerve to say that "in his defense, he is a nice guy". It is NOT okay to stalk someone or write them disturbing letters. This CREEP lives right below me so you can imagine how uncomfortable I have been the last 5 months of living here. My blinds are NEVER open! The next issue is the "gate" that is supposed to be security for the neighborhood. This "gate" is a stick that raises up and down when you reach out of your car window with a gate card to open it. Well, it has been broken more times than I can count. My first week of living here, it was down in 2 days and did not get fixed for over a week. A neighbor told me that it is CONSTANTLY broken. So, if this has been an on-going issue then why not change it to something more secure? I'm sure Park Crest makes enough money from the over-priced rent. Moving on, the "fitness center" is the size of my closet. It is the smallest room with 3 treadmills crammed in with 1 elliptical and a rack of weights. I believe only half of those machines work. They don't show you this "fitness center" in the tour because there's nothing to see. There is so much more I could say but I think this is plenty for people to see how HORRIBLE Park Crest at Innisbrook is. My lease is up in 3 months and I cannot wait to get out here!
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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